Keystone Projects

Town of Keystone Culvert Inventory

Town of Keystone and the Bayfield County Land Records Department have completed a Culvert Inventory for all the culverts in the Town of Keystone.

Data collected in the field included length, width, how deep the culvert is buried, road surface type and any issues with the culvert. From the data collected we will be creating a plan of action for the replacement and maintenance.

Why is it important to monitor culverts?

Road crews have the training to prioritize issues for scheduled maintenance or repair as well as any issues that need immediate attention.

Town of Keystone is creating a list of culverts in need of maintenance or replacement. There are multiple factors that can lead to improper functioning and deterioration of the culvert and storm drain system, such as longevity, exposure to environmental hazards, heavier traffic loads, changing land use and lack of maintenance.  Inspection ensures culverts are structurally sound.​

​Well-maintained culverts create safety benefits for our roa​ds and adjacent prop​erty.​ When culverts are monitored, roads often remain free of the bumps, dips or cracks in the pavement that can occur when problems are left unchecked​. Proactive culvert maintenance also preempts roadway washouts, area flooding and embankment erosion.

Petras Rd
2023 Petras Rd culvert replacement with erosion control mat after a heavy rain the night before.

Culvert Inventory Interactive Map
Click on the red, green or yellow dots to see the information about the culverts
Use the + or - to get a closer look, "zoom in" or "zoom out"
The map is labeled with the treatment plan