Property Tax Information

Real Property Descriptions and Tax Data
Property tax data, land description, mailing addresses and property ownership information is available through Bayfield County. To access this data follow this link: Land Records Database

Open book which is typically held in May and appeal their property assessment at Board of Review which is also typically held in May.

Lottery Credit
You may claim a lottery and gaming credit for a tax year if, on January 1 of the tax year, you were an owner of the property and used that property as your primary residence. Note: Your primary residence is where you live most of the time. When you are temporarily away, it is the home to which you intend to return. You can have only one primary residence and you may only claim one credit.

If you meet these requirements, you may claim the lottery and gaming credit by going to either the County Treasurer's Office, or online and completing an application form.

Interactive Mapping
Along with the property descriptions, an online mapping system where you can find additional information about surveys in the area and generally where your parcel is located. A help guide is also provided.

Static Maps
Ambulance Districts
Fire Districts
Voting Districts
Gas Tax Maps (Keystone)
Supervisor Districts 2020 (County Wide)
Supervisor District 10 Population 1190 (Marty Milanowski)
County Board Representative for Town of Keystone, Delta Mason and Part of Eileen.
Future Land Use Map Keystone East
Future Land Use Map Keystone West